Samsung Galaxy S II 4G

Do you happen to love the wistful specs associated with T-Mobile’s version of the Samsung Galaxy S II, but favor something a bit more form fitting in the hand and less expensive? Well then, the Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G might be the device you’re after, not only for the easy reason it’s alike in the specs departments while maintaining a more compact figure, but it’s also going to be trail glowing with its speedy 42Mbps HSPA+ data connectivity. Although it’s technically still a part of the original Samsung Galaxy S line, it should prove to be a smoking addition, so let’s find out if it’s worth picking up.

In archetypal fashion, the Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G exhibits the usual design distinctiveness akin to Samsung’s stable – meaning it’s all-plastic and very lightweight. amusingly, it actually looks similar to the BlackBerry Torch 9860, because of the way its bezel curves towards its top edge. Even though its overall design isn’t particularly polarizing over other things, above all, we’re enthralled most above its smaller footprint over the previous Samsung Vibrant and Galaxy S 4G, even more when it packs the same 4-inch sized display.

Surely enough, we still can’t get over the fact that this Blaze 4G is packing a 4-inch display, especially when its overall footprint is smaller than the previous models with such screen. Employing a WVGA (480 x 800) Super AMOLED display, we’re naturally engrossed by the poppy and saturated colors it’s able to deliver – while still maintaining clarity thanks to its wide viewing angles. Despite employing a PenTile matrix pact, it’s sharp enough to visibly see fine text with relatively few issues. All in all, it’s a beauty, but then again, that’s common thing associated this kind of panel.

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