Dell XPS 10 Tablet Review And Specs

The Dell XPS 10 tablet has just been released newly in December 2012. This is the ideal tablet, which has been designed for those who want to use it for professional idea as well as for entertainment. Here is a review describing its best qualities, which make it qualify as a remarkable tablet.

The working set will find this tablet to be extremely useful for them. The Dell XPS 10 tablet is supported by the MS Windows RT operating system. This means that the users can benefit a number of useful MS Windows apps for their office work, such as the MS Windows Office suite. This is not it; the users can have right to use to a lot of other Windows apps right from the Windows Store. In this way, your business and office work can be accomplished quite conveniently by making use of these different applications.

The users do not have to end their work because of a low battery. In fact, with the Dell XPS 10 tablet, the users do not have to worry about running out of the battery at all. This is because of the further battery that comes with the tablet. Due to this, the Dell tablet is an extremely useful gadget as you can stay working uninterruptedly on it.
Also, you do not have to disrupt a game as the power will never run out. So, along with being able to work continuously, you can also have non-stop entertainment. The XPS 10 tablet by Dell comes with a dock for a keyboard. So, the users can attach a mobile keyboard with this tablet if they wish to in order to make their work more suitable. This can be particularly supportive during your office work. In this way, you can work more efficiently. You can take the keyboard off whenever you want to. In either case, ease is at your fingertips.
This business tablet by Dell has been introduced in two forms: one with an internal memory of 32 GB and the other one providing an internal memory storage space of 64 GB. This means that you can have helpful apps installed on the tablet along with all your significant work related data (such as MS Office documents) stored on it.
Again, business and fun come together. A part from all your official data, you can save music files, photos and videos to your heart’s content. Moreover, you can download as many games as you want without having to worry about very tiring the memory. If however you do, there is a memory card slot available for extending the memory.


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