Apple iPad mini Wi-Fi + Cellular

After edict the full-sized iPad on the tablet market, Apple has announced a Mini version of iPad backed with same original iPad’s idea and feature. The Mini iPad comes in three capacities including a cellular option. So when you draw up the specs and features, which tablet is worth it 7.9-inches iPad Mini, Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD or Google Nexus 7? To be very clear, it is not easy to make a conclusion since iPad Mini has just to start its sale.

Though, Google Nexus 7 and Amazon’s Kindle Fire are challenging a slightly miscellaneous market segment. The addictive gamers, multimedia zealots and android fans are looking for a wholesome experience of Jelly Beans. Kindle Fire HD being low cost, memory extensive and screen hefty is a steal for Amazon shoppers who are looking to make the most of Amazon Prime membership. So amid these where the new iPad Mini stands? Undoubtedly, existing Apple fans will turn their attention towards it but they will be concerned about buying an iPad for if it really is significance it.Incontestably the design crosses all the competition with its thinner and lighter look and feel. However it fails to restrain the Apple’s crystal clear display. Likewise the battery life does not do much more than its competitor.

On hardware end, the 7.2 mm thick, 308 grams heavy tablet has been designed with a exclusive process that offers sleek and metal coated boundaries same as on iPhone 5. If you were expecting to see equal specs to the big and bulky iPad, you may be a little let down. While it is loaded with 5 megapixel camera and an LTE modem, it runs the newest A5 CPU.

However, the low going internals and fewer clear and sharper display may account for how Apple has been able to claim 10 hours usage despite of low battery. Pre-orders for all models of Apple iPad Mini have been started with its discharge and will soon resume the shipping in all over the world. The shipping of cellular-powered iPad Mini however has been hold for only some weeks by the company.

Past that, the smaller version of iPad runs A5 fast dual-core processor which could beat the Nexus 7’s quad-core processor easily. Obviously, testing the tablets in-house will determine the original presentation graph. The iPad Wi-Fi plus Cellular comes in two colors with 4G LTE connectivity which takes the edge over several tablets available in the market. In fact Apple iPad Mini has everything to crush the competition but with an unexpected higher price tag. No doubt, the iPad Mini is unmatched when it comes to Apple’s quality product and sheer ubiquity but for those who purposely look for reasonable and moveable among devices, we have centered our sight at a furthermore level playing field for tinier slates and above all an open system for future Android and Window 8 tablets.


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