HTC Windows Phone 8X CDMA

The 8X or call it Window handset 8X is the flagship model of HTC’s Windows handset series. The handset packs in a 4.3 inches 720p display, runs 1.5GHz dual-core processor and it has excellent look and feel for what costs you $634 for CDMA. So what makes you excited about HTC 8X? Is it the handset itself? Well, the main cause is what is running inside it. The 8X runs Window Mobile 8, the newest mobile operating system by Microsoft. It was Windows handset 7 earlier that offered some of traffic features and now WP8 brings more improvements. But it does not mean that there are no drawbacks. Its main failure is considerably lack of apps because we are unable to find any catalogue like on Android, but still there are few high-quality ones to cheer about like WhatsApp. If you are enthusiastic to apps experience then WP8 will surely not satisfy you, neither the device that runs it. 

HTC has kept the design attitude same in many Android devices but this time it’s come out with something unique and tempting. Look wise, 8X is vibrant and offers a vivid interface whereas the 1.5GHz dual-core draws off sufficient interest to make swiping around homescreen tiles an enjoyable experience. The premium painted rear has been kept unpolished while the corners are quietly bended. The overall panel is made of rounded plastic. On its front, a single piece of glass is fixed with plastic edges bended. On the design part, the device is very stylish and clearly beats the rivals. We found the handset very easy to pocket and carry with dimension of 132mm by 66mm by 9mm. Weighing to 132 grams although it is more than iPhone 5, but you would never sense weighed down.

But on the element of apps the phone fails at first stage against Android’s S II or iOS’s iPhone 4 which cost half of HTC 8X price. Again for the unavailability of microSD card slot, you will need to cautiously use the 16GB internal storage. The 8X’s 4.3 inches large screen successfully approaches to S II in terms of screen area. With ability to support HD displays which means HTC 8X supports 720p screen. Text appeared on 8X is sharper and crisper than Lumia 800 along with the homescreen tiles so the resolution would not disappoint you either. Windows handset 8 unlike the former is smart sufficient to make the most of dual-core processor. The swiping of tiles on homescreen, switching apps and accessing menus are pretty receptive that is offcourse a new thing to see in quad-cores.

Although we tested the 8X’s primary 8 megapixel camera with LED flash with iPhone’s, it captured the details nicely but the iPhone is capable of bringing more clearness and sharpness. The camera is also able to capture 1080p video which obviously is hard to beat for other high-end smartphones. The camera does a honest job with no lag time however on the comparison with One X the 8X lacks in shooting modes. To its design and interface, the HTC 8X is not doubt a stand out style but over other areas mainly apps, it has to see serious failures against iOS and Android devices. So until you have fallen in buying a Windows handset it is not a sensible choice.


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