Samsung Galaxy Grand I9082

Newly enough, Samsung has unveiled a new and improved Smarthandset called as the Samsung Galaxy Grand. It is coming to the market in two variation, the Samsung Galaxy Grand 19080 (single SIM) and Samsung Galaxy Gran 19082 (dual SIM), are the two phones that have created a hype in the market of the users of smarthandsets. There are similarities in the features of both the variants, with a solo major difference of SIM capacity. That Galaxy Grand 19082 is designed to support dual SIM.

Samsung Galaxy Grand 19082 runs on the latest 4.1.2 Jelly Bean operating system and features a five inches flat screen display with high resolution. Other features of this Smarthandset include the dual core 1.2 GHZ processor, a RAM of 1 GB capacity for the random memory storage. A system comprising of the internal memory storage capacity of about 8 GB and a micro SD memory expansion slot in this handset. Coming over to the camera features of this set of Smartphone, it has a rear camera with 8 megapixel resolutions capable of recording HD videos and a front camera having a 2 Megapixel resolution shot. There is an illumination sensor fixed at the back of the smarthandset which allows you to take picture even if it is dim.
The new Samsung Galaxy will be an ideal smartphone for the individuals who want to experience more options with their devices. It is designed to provide multitasking along with internet content presentation with superb clarity. This multitask attribute of this amazing Galaxy Grand allows executing of various applications at the same time. Indeed this Smarthandset has eye catching features which includes direct calling, updating triggers, smart alert and faster surfing while connected to the web.

The Samsung Galaxy Grand 19082 is a very good option for those who want to use two SIMs at a time, in a single Smarthandset. Directing calling feature allow users to dial any number just by raising the smartphone near to your ear. While you can update your status simply by activate the Galaxy Grand smarthandset near to your ear. Moreover the Smart Alert feature provides the facility of viewing any missed calls or new message sent simply by picking up the smarthandset.

Coming over to the connectivity of this Smarthandset, the Samsung Galaxy Grand 19082 is designed to connect to the HSPA+ networks but it does not offer a 4G edge as in Apple i5. It has, however, come up with certain built in features like the S-voice, a feature of Apple iphone which is called as the Apple’s Siri Voice Activated assistant. The price of this handset is yet to be disclosed but it is thought that it is going to be taken up within a very reasonable range for those searching for an Apple i5 counterpart.


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