HTC Butterfly

HTC has announced the release of a brand new smart handset called the HTC butterfly. It is a deluxe smart handset with grand features for the customer.

One of the mainly remarkable characteristics of this smart handset is its size. This smart handset is big! The touch screen is 5.0 inches in size. Therefore, overall this smart handset looks very inspiring and is sure to catch the eye of everybody. Moreover, the size will speak of the amount of luck you will spend on it! Seeing this large and impressive cell handset in your hands, everybody will know right away how luxurious and elegant it is.
Indulge in the lavishness of the HTC butterfly and enjoy its amazing 8 MP camera. You can take high resolution pictures and use the LED flash and autofocus features in order to further improve the quality of your photos any time. The lavishness of this smart handset do not end here! The feature of simultaneous High Definition video recording and image recording is also available in it. This means that you do not have to miss a single moment. You can take pictures as well as record your valuable moments in the form of great quality HD video. Moreover, the face detection and smile detection features further make your familiarity useful.
There is also a front facing camera accessible which 2.1 MP; something certainly not found very often. With this, the HTC Butterfly smart phone becomes one of the greatest dual-camera handset. This is something which is expected from every luxurious smart handset.

This latest smart handset will be supported by the latest version of the Android operating system as expected. It is the Jelly Bean version 4.1 which can support lots of various apps on your smart handset Furthermore, the processor is also up to the mark with a processing speed of 1.5 GHz.
The users of the HTC Butterfly will be enjoying a lot of apps. Apart from having the usual apps such Google Talk and You Tube integration, Document viewer, photo editor and so on, a registered version of Dropbox is also included in it. This software has made the sharing of data between different computers and smart handset more convenient than you can ever imagine. This smart handset allows the users to avail storage of 25 GB.
This smart phone will be available in two different variants depending on the storage capacity of the handset. One variation will be available with 16 GB storage, while the other one will have 11 GB of storage capacity. The prices of both the variants will of course be different. Still, it is going to be an expensive smart handset due to all the grand features it will be providing the users with.


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