Nokia Lumia 505

Nokia has publicize the release of a low-end smart handset, which is supported by the Windows operating system version 7.8. This smart phone, known as Nokia Lumia 505, contains a combination of some really great, plus some mediocre features. Here is more specify about these features.

Initially, it is a comparatively low cost windows smart handset compared to what Nokia has been releasing for the past few months. This breaks the long streak of high-end WP 8 handsets that had freshly populated the Nokia shelves.

The outside design of the handset is really classy. Being 4.65 inches in size, this handset looks quite inspiring. Moreover, it is accessible in four eye-catching colors including black, white, red and pink, which makes this handset look awesome while giving a variety to potential buyers.
One of the most impressive features of this upcoming Nokia Lumia cell phone is, undoubtedly, the 8 MP camera. Even some of the expensive smart handset dominating the market today, such as the Samsung Galaxy range of smart handset offer only 5 MP cameras. The ones with 8 MP cameras are really expensive. However, what Nokia Lumia 505 lacks are some extremely important features, which are required for good quality pictures. One of these camera features is the flash light. No matter how good a camera’s resolution is, it is futile without a flash, especially for indoor pictures. So, the users will have to compromise if they want to enjoy a high MP camera at an reasonably priced.

As much as the touch screen is concerned, Nokia Lumia 505 has not disappointed the users. Firstly, the size is good, bigger than many other low cost handset, but smaller than 4.0 inches; 3.7 inches seems good enough. Moreover, the screen has Corning Gorilla Glass protection over its AMOLED capacitive touch screen. This may not the best technology around, but still good enough! The users should know that it is Super AMOLED screens that give a good visibility outdoors in the sunlight and not the simple AMOLED ones.
Although, the users might be able to resolve for the touch screen technology, but many would be disappointed to find out that the display is not the sharper and 16M color display. On the other hand, this smart handset has a mediocre 56K color display. But not to worry! The pixel density of just about 252PPI coupling with it does produce enough to be called good. This means that even though the colors might not be that deep, the resolution is still high-quality.

Some other excellent features of this smart handset include a high processing speed (800 MHz), a decent battery life, 2G and 3G network coverage and an internal memory storage capacity of 4 GB. However, the lack of the card slot would certainly be missed.

Overall, a nice handset with average features. Not comprehensive sufficient to excite and not that bad to outright refuse it.


When HTC announced their first Android series HTC One back in February 2012, it was only One V having the tag of mid-range smartphone at an reasonably priced  on the face besides its tradition of “Quietly luminous”. It has been doing as expected before HTC launched a similar Android handsets that in fact are not upgraded as much as we expected. Since then, the company has been working hard as it announced the discharge of HTC 8X which is the first device from HTC to use WP8 operating system.

We also heard the news about the future One X+, Desire SV and HTC One SV, however the  majority newly announced model is HTC One SV. We have by now noticed six different versions of One S and now we are going to talk over the seventh HTC One SV coming in two versions yet again mainly LTE and CDMA versions – sounds weird. Here we will discuss One SV CDMA that will land in Australia and Singapore at first and later on it will come to European region.

So, what importantly brings the new CDMA smartphone for us? The One SV is a nifty elegant device using 4.3 inches screen that reminds us the HTC EVO 4G series; however, the 480×800 resolution does not do alike. One SV weighs 122 grams while it is 9.2mm in thickness – which is slightly bulkier than 119 grams and 7.8mm thick One S. The device packs a 1.2GHz Snapdragon S4 Plus processor having been reduced from 1.5GHz that we witnessed in the original One S. The processor is coupled with 1GB RAM and 8GB internal storage, yet once more we would like it to be at least 16GB or more that make sense for an upgrade from 16GB One S. Offcourse you would never say that you are running out of internal storage. However, that might not be the most of failures because a microSD card slot has been placed to do sufficient job for you.

A part from all else, the biggest miss straightaway you would ever sense, is its launch in Australia and specific markets of Asia only. So if you are living in U.S then it will be your hard luck. HTC One SV CDMA runs Android 4.1 Jelly Beans that is capable of using the speed quite brilliantly. As we tested the handset at the announcement the apps run smoother. The primary 5 megapixel camera is coupled with a smart front end camera for video calling mind you we already had an 8 megapixel camera in One S so isn’t that really compromised in the newer One SV? There will be initially metallic black and cool white skins which we are expecting to see the handset in for a price of $562.

Samsung A997 Rugby III

If you want to stay connected while you play your favorite sports or go out trekking, Samsung Rugby 3 is what you are lookin for. This phone is MIL-STD-810G certified making it highly resistant to any shock, water drops and injure from dust or radiation. Packed in a solid body, durable buttons and screen, this phone is made to deliver at the roughest terrains.

Discussion about its display, when you flip Samsung Rugby III, you will see the 2.4 inch screen with QVGA quality display. Besides display it has a 3.15 mega pixel camera, which seems quite good. One touch access to GPS navigation is also available through which navigation can be done with the navigator. There is a devoted PTT button on this phone for easy access.

In adding to these features Samsung Rugby III can support various mobile resources management apps. Such applications are helpful for dealing with a host of application need and tools. This phone fulfills the need of instant communication and has the very helpful service of enhanced push talk service which makes communication rapid and receptive.

If we look its connectivity it chains everything except 4G and Wi-Fi, which is usually not expected in a phone made to sustain a tough beating. There is an option of micro SD card with 2.0 USB slots. There is no such extendable memory option on this handset. The Samsung rugby weighs 3.52 ounces and measures 4.01 x 2.05 x 0.86 inches. Its lithium-ion battery can survive for 6 hours of talk time and up to 504hrs or 21 days of standby time.

Some pros of this handset are, it is durable, long battery life, cheap, lightweight, texting is easy on this handset because the buttons are big enough for fingers, good-looking and simple, built-in speakers with loud and clear sound, the outlook is good and easy to use.

The disadvantage of this handset is the lack of features making it a sample stand alone handset for regular use. There is nothing fancy in it and this phone is certainly of no use for users who have nothing to do with bumpy and hard adventures.

Though, apart from all, the primary thing that makes it worthy is its MIL-STD-810G classification making is serve even after rough use. If you’re looking for a tough and rugged phone and use your handset roughly so this Samsung rugby 3 is easy to read, easy to hear, reasonably intuitive handset this handset is for you.

Samsung Galaxy Note LTE 10.1 N8020

Over long-ago few years Samsung has taken over the market as a tough opponent among leading cellular companies throughout the world. No doubt, Samsung has beaten many renowned cellular companies by introducing Android software in its smarthandsets at reasonable prices. First, Samsung came with the simple Note then a handset with 5-inch screen and then brought an amazing Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. It is bigger in size, more powerful and considerably more presentation oriented than others.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 LTE is a nice device from Samsung with astonishing specs and features. As Samsung just amazed this world by introducing quality smarthandsets, Galaxy Note takes things to a new level.
To boot up, this edition of Note is equipped with a staggering 10.1 touch screen, with the overall body dimensions being 262 x 180 x 8.9 mm. The best part of this tablet is its thin girth, which makes it inevitable to have a second glimpse at it. This tablet is offered in three different storage capacities being 16, 32 and 64GB. In addition, unlike Apple products, it provides an external microSD slot as well supporting up to 64GB of addition space.

Within, Note 10.1 has the latest Android Operating system, 4.1 Jellybean with 2GB of RAM, running on a Quad-core 1.4 GHz processor. The segment where this tablet takes a big leap ahead is the phone call. Apart from allowing 2G, 3G and 4G communication along with Wi-Fi, unlike most other tablets, it also allows voice chat.

Camera is one place, where this tablet fails to impress for having a 5MP primary lens. The resolution it supports is up to 2560?1920 pixels. However, having a 1.9MP camera is a nice move by Samsung, as most of the tablets and even handsets don’t offer the same.
There are a lot of features that this tablet has which make it highly addictive. For example having all the communication support, revved up processor and the latest operating system. In addition, the inclusion of Adobe Photoshop Touch app is also something never seen often.

The most excellent part is yet to come; the battery life. Usually a tablet wont last a day with continuous use, however this wont happen if Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 is in action. Thanks to its Li-Ion 7000 mAh battery, this tab works for Up to 43 hours on 3G and giving a max of 2158 hours standby time. This tablet is made accessible in 2 colors, grey and white, both being just as ravishing.

Overall, this tablet is a fine combination of communication features and technology having everything top-notch. Exptected to be out for sales around holiday season, there is a lot more to expect from it.

Nokia Lumia 620

Outside the color schemes of Nokia Lumia 620 you will find an striking refreshing looks in this phone. People were just fed up of mobile Handsets with usual colors such as black, metallic, white and now and again pink or red. This is the first handset in the market with a green color in fact a parrot green. Another obvious feature is that you would never be able to compare the resemblance of this handset with any other mobile handsets in the market except for the Lumia family.
Nowadays apart from the color and external theming, there are many other features to enjoy in this handset. Actually, the handset gives a glossy and slick finish. Nokia has offered some incredible screen in the Lumia series, making it well put together. The display of Lumia 620 supports 16M colors while the display size is tempting. If you buy this handset, do not miss the live streaming action of sports and other links on a 3.8 inches large screen. In terms of display screen, this handset has left Xperia E far behind.

From a sideways glimpse, it was noticed that the handset is relatively thick as compared to other smarthandsets of this price category. Thickness isn’t something that deducts the marks for a handset, but being hefty really deserves a negative mark for them. As it appears, the handset is sturdy but looking at the mentioned specifications of this handset, the mentioned weight seems ideal.
You will discover it easy to tap the larger tiles on your touchscreen handset. The larger the tiles, the more natural touch feeling you will knowledge using this handset. A excellent sufficient internal and external storage capability is provided in this handset. One pair of features that is quite alarming is the B class EDGE and GPRS. This feature may get the Lumia 620 in a trouble. As far as the camera is concerned, the camera of this handset is amazingly good. The camera has the ability to capture very sharp and images perfect results with LED flash. One feature that was mostly missed in the handset of Nokia was the LED flash.
It cannot go without saying that this handset is free from all errs. Almost every WP handset gradually lags in speed because of which the user feels it customary to restart the handset a little more often. In addition, the entire Lumia range is flat of have bugs in them, so nothing can be said of its consistency in terms of lasting user experience.

According to the user comments and estimations, there are two problems with this handset; battery backup problem and bulky layout of the Lumia 620. Apart from these two ancient sidelines, there is nothing that would work as a deal breaker for this handset A well resounded user experience can be predictable without a doubt.

Samsung Galaxy Stratosphere II I415

If you are keyboards fan, Samsung Galaxy Stratosphere II would not make you believe like a king but still it has a lot of features to get excited about. Galaxy Stratosphere II is a mid-range smartphone that does attractive well as a huge buy. If you are looking for a solid, suitable slide-out QWERTY phone, you can’t do much better. The Stratosphere II joins the family of Samsung Galaxy by adopting the plastic outward look of its early family members. It does not stay distant from the design of original Stratosphere but slightly does have rounded edges to make it look slightly special.

It sizes as 5.0 x 2.6 x 0.5 inches, fatter than other galaxy smart handsets  that is due to its sliding keyboard. As the handset does not do much more than original, we have noticed the same 4-inches Super AMOLED display again. It retains the same older 800 x 480 pixels resolution that we saw on Stratosphere screen, certainly not convincing for what was expected. Even the original did the average, now when contest is built up from far, the display should have been enhanced. Still, it does not have any irritating skip.
One of the mainly exciting features of the newer Galaxy Stratosphere II is it packs sliding QWERTY keyboard with five rows. Although the keyboard is pretty much similar to original, the buttons are careful and navigation buttons are user-friendly which means you can also use the handset without tourchscreen.

Its 5 megapixel camera would again give you the sense of nothing new from the original Stratosphere. However, the camera is able of capturing the images with clarity and quality but again it is something we would like to be high on megapixel tail.
As with the first Stratosphere, the newer is specially targeted for executive or business class as it features VPN connectivity, Microsoft ActiveSync and MDM support. With these advanced connectivity options backed with full security, the handset manages to take the edge over others. A large number of features would leave you surprise what to do just in case you bought the original first. Nevertheless, there are a number of major reasons that make this phone worthy of being upgraded. For those who just took the start, the Galaxy Stratosphere II is an Android handset that runs the Ice Cream Sandwich, a nice upgrade from Gingerbread.

The handset where fails in the fight with latest iPhone for its screen, camera and operating system, it takes the lead on NFC ability which is a major skip on Apple’s flagship. Whats more is Samsung’s “S Beam” which lets you send large size image files to friends with NFC technology. For this, both devices must support NFC technology. Not to mention, the 1.2 GHz dual-core processor speeds up the overall user experience and apps run quickly and seamlessly. On above, the Stratosphere II is a decent handset that is not worth decline at all if you would rather have a keyboard than latest OS or super well screen.

Samsung Galaxy Discover

In November 2012 another smartphone of the Galaxy series, named Samsung Galaxy Discover was open as a high profile, low cost and modest performance phone. The device is powered by Google’s Android version 4.0.4 operating system and with 3.5 inch TFT capacitive touchscreen. There is a 3.15 megapixel camera on the back of the handset with 2048 x 1536 pixel display and LED flash, which is fairly inspiring for a handset like this. The camera is allow with geo-tagging and touch focus system. Samsung Galaxy Discover uses 800MHz,Cortex A5 processor. It supports the latest 3G network technology and it is accessible in black color. It also supports touch approachable controls and supports mini sim.

It has extent of 112.8 x 61.5 x 11.5 mm (4.44 x 2.42 x 0.45 inch) because of its thin and light-weighted body it weighs only 122 g (4.30 oz.). The sounds comprise vibration, MP3 and WAV ringtones with a loudspeaker and 3.5mm jack. It has an internal memory of 4GB and 512MB RAM while it supports micro SD up to 32 GB as well, so there is a lot of memory to use as per user’s convenience.

Samsung Galaxy Discover support GPRS and EDGE technologies and also corroborates Wi-Fi, Bluetooth with A2DP and micro USB support v2.0. It also has Social Networking Service Integration enabled, which allows its user to exchange a few words with family and friends through Facebook, Twitter and other available social networks. The user can also communicate through SMS, MMS, Email, Push Email and IM. HTML browser is enabled for a faster web browsing familiarity.

A few other features include Google Search, Google Maps, Gmail, Google talk and YouTube. It also has its own picture editor and photo viewer. It also supports a Document Viewer to read out files like PDF files and the Microsoft Office files, MP3, MP4, MWA and MWV players for audios & videos, voice memo and predictive text input, so that you don’t have to type each and every thing.

As most of the smarthandset have below average battery performance, Samsung Galaxy Discover is ready with a standard Li-Ion 1300mAh battery giving a stand by up to 440 hrs and talk time up to 7 hrs. 20 min. This ensures it to have long battery life as most of the Samsung Galaxy products don’t offer which is a huge plus position.

On the whole this Samsung Galaxy Discover is a smarthandset with all good business, social and media oriented features, making it an all-in-one and a high priority item to buy. The features of this handset have been kept right to make sure that this handsets gains stable ground in the market. A nice product by Samsung on the whole; well curved.

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