Samsung Galaxy Stratosphere II I415

If you are keyboards fan, Samsung Galaxy Stratosphere II would not make you believe like a king but still it has a lot of features to get excited about. Galaxy Stratosphere II is a mid-range smartphone that does attractive well as a huge buy. If you are looking for a solid, suitable slide-out QWERTY phone, you can’t do much better. The Stratosphere II joins the family of Samsung Galaxy by adopting the plastic outward look of its early family members. It does not stay distant from the design of original Stratosphere but slightly does have rounded edges to make it look slightly special.

It sizes as 5.0 x 2.6 x 0.5 inches, fatter than other galaxy smart handsets  that is due to its sliding keyboard. As the handset does not do much more than original, we have noticed the same 4-inches Super AMOLED display again. It retains the same older 800 x 480 pixels resolution that we saw on Stratosphere screen, certainly not convincing for what was expected. Even the original did the average, now when contest is built up from far, the display should have been enhanced. Still, it does not have any irritating skip.
One of the mainly exciting features of the newer Galaxy Stratosphere II is it packs sliding QWERTY keyboard with five rows. Although the keyboard is pretty much similar to original, the buttons are careful and navigation buttons are user-friendly which means you can also use the handset without tourchscreen.

Its 5 megapixel camera would again give you the sense of nothing new from the original Stratosphere. However, the camera is able of capturing the images with clarity and quality but again it is something we would like to be high on megapixel tail.
As with the first Stratosphere, the newer is specially targeted for executive or business class as it features VPN connectivity, Microsoft ActiveSync and MDM support. With these advanced connectivity options backed with full security, the handset manages to take the edge over others. A large number of features would leave you surprise what to do just in case you bought the original first. Nevertheless, there are a number of major reasons that make this phone worthy of being upgraded. For those who just took the start, the Galaxy Stratosphere II is an Android handset that runs the Ice Cream Sandwich, a nice upgrade from Gingerbread.

The handset where fails in the fight with latest iPhone for its screen, camera and operating system, it takes the lead on NFC ability which is a major skip on Apple’s flagship. Whats more is Samsung’s “S Beam” which lets you send large size image files to friends with NFC technology. For this, both devices must support NFC technology. Not to mention, the 1.2 GHz dual-core processor speeds up the overall user experience and apps run quickly and seamlessly. On above, the Stratosphere II is a decent handset that is not worth decline at all if you would rather have a keyboard than latest OS or super well screen.


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