Nokia Lumia 505

Nokia has publicize the release of a low-end smart handset, which is supported by the Windows operating system version 7.8. This smart phone, known as Nokia Lumia 505, contains a combination of some really great, plus some mediocre features. Here is more specify about these features.

Initially, it is a comparatively low cost windows smart handset compared to what Nokia has been releasing for the past few months. This breaks the long streak of high-end WP 8 handsets that had freshly populated the Nokia shelves.

The outside design of the handset is really classy. Being 4.65 inches in size, this handset looks quite inspiring. Moreover, it is accessible in four eye-catching colors including black, white, red and pink, which makes this handset look awesome while giving a variety to potential buyers.
One of the most impressive features of this upcoming Nokia Lumia cell phone is, undoubtedly, the 8 MP camera. Even some of the expensive smart handset dominating the market today, such as the Samsung Galaxy range of smart handset offer only 5 MP cameras. The ones with 8 MP cameras are really expensive. However, what Nokia Lumia 505 lacks are some extremely important features, which are required for good quality pictures. One of these camera features is the flash light. No matter how good a camera’s resolution is, it is futile without a flash, especially for indoor pictures. So, the users will have to compromise if they want to enjoy a high MP camera at an reasonably priced.

As much as the touch screen is concerned, Nokia Lumia 505 has not disappointed the users. Firstly, the size is good, bigger than many other low cost handset, but smaller than 4.0 inches; 3.7 inches seems good enough. Moreover, the screen has Corning Gorilla Glass protection over its AMOLED capacitive touch screen. This may not the best technology around, but still good enough! The users should know that it is Super AMOLED screens that give a good visibility outdoors in the sunlight and not the simple AMOLED ones.
Although, the users might be able to resolve for the touch screen technology, but many would be disappointed to find out that the display is not the sharper and 16M color display. On the other hand, this smart handset has a mediocre 56K color display. But not to worry! The pixel density of just about 252PPI coupling with it does produce enough to be called good. This means that even though the colors might not be that deep, the resolution is still high-quality.

Some other excellent features of this smart handset include a high processing speed (800 MHz), a decent battery life, 2G and 3G network coverage and an internal memory storage capacity of 4 GB. However, the lack of the card slot would certainly be missed.

Overall, a nice handset with average features. Not comprehensive sufficient to excite and not that bad to outright refuse it.


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