Nokia Lumia 620

Outside the color schemes of Nokia Lumia 620 you will find an striking refreshing looks in this phone. People were just fed up of mobile Handsets with usual colors such as black, metallic, white and now and again pink or red. This is the first handset in the market with a green color in fact a parrot green. Another obvious feature is that you would never be able to compare the resemblance of this handset with any other mobile handsets in the market except for the Lumia family.
Nowadays apart from the color and external theming, there are many other features to enjoy in this handset. Actually, the handset gives a glossy and slick finish. Nokia has offered some incredible screen in the Lumia series, making it well put together. The display of Lumia 620 supports 16M colors while the display size is tempting. If you buy this handset, do not miss the live streaming action of sports and other links on a 3.8 inches large screen. In terms of display screen, this handset has left Xperia E far behind.

From a sideways glimpse, it was noticed that the handset is relatively thick as compared to other smarthandsets of this price category. Thickness isn’t something that deducts the marks for a handset, but being hefty really deserves a negative mark for them. As it appears, the handset is sturdy but looking at the mentioned specifications of this handset, the mentioned weight seems ideal.
You will discover it easy to tap the larger tiles on your touchscreen handset. The larger the tiles, the more natural touch feeling you will knowledge using this handset. A excellent sufficient internal and external storage capability is provided in this handset. One pair of features that is quite alarming is the B class EDGE and GPRS. This feature may get the Lumia 620 in a trouble. As far as the camera is concerned, the camera of this handset is amazingly good. The camera has the ability to capture very sharp and images perfect results with LED flash. One feature that was mostly missed in the handset of Nokia was the LED flash.
It cannot go without saying that this handset is free from all errs. Almost every WP handset gradually lags in speed because of which the user feels it customary to restart the handset a little more often. In addition, the entire Lumia range is flat of have bugs in them, so nothing can be said of its consistency in terms of lasting user experience.

According to the user comments and estimations, there are two problems with this handset; battery backup problem and bulky layout of the Lumia 620. Apart from these two ancient sidelines, there is nothing that would work as a deal breaker for this handset A well resounded user experience can be predictable without a doubt.


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