Samsung E2252

Samsung E2252 :
Samsung is a globe famous company which deals in approximately all of the higher technology products, but in mobile business it has proved its abilities with satisfaction. According to its fame, it seems that it will be the next generation’s best choice for cellular products. Taking care of the consumers is the main point of awareness for Samsung and to maintain its standards the company is producing budget handset for middle class society as well in this age of high tech and high priced devices. The Samsung E2252 will be our main worry of the content which is launched a few days ago in July 2012.
Let’s begin when there were no Dual SIM cell phones to facilitate the world, even the prices of the single SIM phones were that high that a middle class one was unable to pay for. The story is still the same but the meanings of affordability have changed a lot. In this age of nonstop competition between telecommunication companies, a lot of packages are introduced which attracts the mobile users to avail these dissimilar offers from different telecommunication companies. But either buying two mobiles is unaffordable for the middle class or keeping two mobiles at the same time is an irritating job, the dual SIM handsets then come in to make possible.

The handset is capable of attracting people with its simple and moderate body design and the color availability in silver and white is another feather in the hat of Samsung E2252.
The display of this handset is bright and brilliant with 2.0 inches TFT and 256K colors are produced on 128×160 pixels as well. 20 MB of internal memory is a worry but an external microSD card slot supporting 32 GB of memory solves the problem efficiently.However, short internal memory is always a problematic thing for every mobile handset user as it makes it dead slow. Have you ever thought about a simple and steady handset having connectivity tools like 2G network support, GPRS, Bluetooth and microUSB, yes this one has got all of them.A simple VGA camera is not even a quality, but for fun it is there.Under processing part, it possesses a 208 MHz processor which is sufficient for basic mobile usage. In the end the battery timing is also considerable that is 11 hours 50 minutes for talk time and 760 hours for stand-by time.


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