Dell Mini 3iX

Dell Mini 3iX is a very eye-catching handset which supports both 2G and 3G networks. It has a thin body with the fine dimensions and is light in weight. There are abundance of things of your interest discussed below.

Display and Sound:
Display of this mobile has a very excellent quality. TFT Capacitive touchscreen makes the touchscreen capable of sensing every move of your fingers while touching the screen. 256k colors with the size of 350×640 pixels make your image more dazzling and vivid. It supports approximately all formats of sounds. Next you do not have to worry about which set-up to download and which to not. It plays all! Isn’t it great? really it is!


The handset has 256MB built in storage and the package includes 2GB microSD card. However you can raise the storage capacity of your phone up to 32GB. If your present handset takes longer time in transfer data via Bluetooth Dell Mini 3iX’s high speed Bluetooth connectivity and data transfer is definitely going to amaze you with its show
Imaging and video shoot with Dell Mini 3iX
3.15MP camera with Auto focus and LED Flash makes imaging perfect. You would like to capture images and shoot videos making the moments saved.

Negatives about Dell Mini 3iX:

Moreover plenty of good features in Dell Mini 3iX there are few things which may disappoint the users. If you are adoring of music then may be Dell Mini 3iX does not allow you the freedom of listening to your favorite songs on any headphone you have. It does not have a 3.5mm jack which means you need to carry its specific hands-free all times if you want to enjoy music.
Most of the Dell phones lack FM radio support and this one as well. Dell Handset could be better with the addition of FM radio in its features.
It does not have a secondary camera therefore you cannot have a video call over your Dell Mini 3iX phone. If you overload your memory the handset operating system slows down.

Bottom line:

Generally this is a good handset and if above mentioned depressing facts do not bother you much Dell Mini 3iX is a wonderful device to buy and use.


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