HTC Desire C

a new model called 'Desire C' has launched to invigorate HTC's budget line-up. It is the most recent attempt of the manufacturer to offer something to those users, who aren't willing to spend a chance on a phone, but would love to experience some HTC love. Let's see what the Desire C has in store for us.


There are a little things going for the HTC Desire C, and its outer shell is one of them. The handset has a very lovable rounded and compact form, which utilizes mostly plastic, as one would expect in a budget phone. We have the black version, which looks quite cool thanks to the silver frame that's surrounding the screen. However, we don't like the particular feel of the soft-touch matte back side. As we mentioned, the Desire C is quite compact, allowing you to function it very easily and with one hand only.
All in all the Desire C looks good-looking , and thanks to small facts like the eye-catchy red framing around the camera lens (courtesy of the Beats Audio nature of the phone), as well as the subtle HTC logo on the back, it does manage to stand out compared to most other help in its class.


The HTC Desire C packs a 3.5” HVGA LCD screen of average quality. Its 165ppi pixel thickness isn't anything stunning, but isn't too bad either. Colors and presentation angles are fine for the purposes of this device.


a further strong side of the HTC Desire C is the fact that it comes with Android 4 Ice Cream Sandwich, in a time when a lot of Android handsets, even much more powerful than the Desire C, are still waiting for their updates. Having the latest version of the OS in this modestly-spec'd phone is even more imperative when you have in mind the many software optimizations complete in ICS.

Processor and Memory:

The silicon powering the HTC Desire C is a humble 600MHz single-core CPU joined with the decent512MB RAM. The result of this is a somewhat listless handset, which takes its time to perform even some not very heavy tasks like updating an app, or loading a web page. The UI itself is fluid sufficient, although random stutters are present every now and then.
Internet and Connectivity:

Due to the slow, 600 MHz processor, web browsing is a tough endeavor on the HTC Desire C. The stock browser is unattractive, so we recommend that you install a fast, third-party one like Opera Mobile. This will significantly improve the performance amusingly, even though it packs this aging 600MHz processor, the Desire C supports Adobe Flash Player. It kills presentation even more, but can prove to be useful in some situations.

Camera and Multimedia:

There's a 5-megapixel camera in the Desire C that offers you to tweak pretty much the same options as found on the manufacturer's higher-end devices. There are various settings, so if you're into that kind of stuff, you can try and press the most out of the snapper.


Video is taken at a maximum resolution of 640x480 pixels, and overall, the quality is terrible, but since it's very smooth at near 30 fps, it's still good for basic usage.


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