LG C199

In the new times LG seemed much full of activity in designing hi-end smart phones and we did not see any significant movement from LG as far as lower and average markets are concerned. The latest announcement of LG C 199 states that LG is not indifferent to this section of mobile market. Following will give you a little imminent about this mobile handset

First Look:
As we have before now identified that this mobile handset is targeted to the lower market and we should wait for this to be a budget handset with entry level features. It is a simple dual-sim bar phone with a vivid display of 2.3 inches deliberate diagonally. Nothing can be said about its interface as this has not been made available in the market for sale. However we are expecting this handset to be seen shortly in the hands of users as low-end mobiles are not expected much.

Loveable QWERTY:

The best part of this mobile handset is its full QWERTY keyboard which is greatly admired between the youths. As this handset is designed with charge the youngsters in mind so this feature is surely going to amaze the users. Keys on the board seem characteristic from each other which would make typing easier and smoother.
The camera of this mobile handset can not become its identity as it is only a 2MP camera and LG phones are not known for their camera results. So you must expect a reasonable excellence not a surprising one which can easily be shared via social feeds from your handset using internet.

Elementary Features:

This dual-sim mobile handset incorporates all the basic kind of features which includes FM-radio, 3.5mm audio jack, extendable memory up to 8GB which suffices and Bluetooth for division data with your friends. This is the material you want to see in all the phones who claims to be for the youngsters. The budget phones normally lack Wi-Fi feature but LG to your revelation has added Wi-Fi in this model which is indeed a delight for the internet users.


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