LG Optimus Elite LS696

LG Optimus Elite LS696 Review:
There is no GSM network coverage in this new Handset of LG Optimus Elite LS696, which is an count to Sprint mobiles. The analysts, the bloggers, the pundits—all are expecting the introduction of some new technology as discussing and posting the customary specifications and reviews has made them nagged. This LG Elite is also one of the on-going stream of Android versions. No capabilities to rank it a slab of reinvigoration in mobile world. Sprint is also pushy for mounting its position like Verizon, AT&T and Spectrum etc. and this mobile phone reflects such efforts of the company. The LG Elite is not a obsessively manufacturing from the company and what it holds under the compact body; do check with this LG Optimus Elite LS696 review.

Say good bye to shock while holding this LG mobile—a real Elite class version. With compactness, neatness and elegance, this gadget has been made simple. A relaxed body, accomplishing the unending trend of smart phones, is fixed with most preferred touch screen of this time i.e. the capacitive touch screen. Its wider and longer getting you at ease of watching movies and video clips. The mobile phone is also a light weight (120 g). However, the pixels density may result in delivering blurred graphics as it is only 320×480. Sprint subscribers will have to be cautious while using it as no Gorilla Glass safety is there for LG Optimus Elite LS696.


Now comes onward the performance of LG Optimus Elite LS696. It is a attraction of every Smart Phone to deliver the results on time like processing or browsing your data in a quick manner. Here is the 800 MHz processor of this Elite model to do the same for you. It hardly gets 5 seconds to boot the mobile phone to start workings. Similarly, the obstruction of getting held at times when multiple errands are loaded to its processor is also eliminated in this mobile phone.

App Store

Google Play. Yes. You can download many apps using Google Play choice in this mobile handset. Not only this, there are many available apps already on the Android OS like Gmail, calendar, Google Talk, Maps, Office document viewer (Work, Excel and Powerpoint). The Java MIDP is also there to widen the range of small apps. Another staggering facility that has been provided in LG Optimus Elite LS696 is the purchase option of Google Wallet where you can benefit up to 50GB BOX storage.


Don’t bound yourself from capturing the valued life moments of your life through its 5MP camera. You can share these photos with friends through picture messages or these can be uploaded on social networks. The LG Optimus Elite LS696 does not sanction to make live communications because no front camera has been devoted to it.

Multimedia Features

The multimedia package is similar to those of current devices. You can make voice calls on 2G and 3G networks or you can communicate to the whole world on social networks like Facebook and Twitter on the internet that can be enabled through Wi-Fi hotspot. Sharing data between mobiles and high-tech devices has become usual nowadays and this mobile phone has Bluetooth, NFC and microUSB for this purpose In addition, you can like MP3 songs and MP4 videos on relative music players.

Battery Timings

A excellence battery has been embedded in this LG LS696 mobile phone. You can talk up to 7 hours and 30 minutes for one full recharge of battery.


The features LG Optimus Elite LS696 Sprint’s model is good quality one though. It does not seem to have many downsides in its features. The memory side could be improved as more cash are required to own a memory card other than the internal memory. The design could also be made striking to add elegance in its looks. But, no matter as it is a complete box up.


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