LG Nexus 4 E960

LG Nexus 4 E960 is an future smarthandset and is expected to hit the market shelves anytime close to holiday season. The whole Nexus series from LG has remained top of the line since it started, however what new does this handset have, let’s find out.
It has a amazing touch screen in terms of both its size as well as the touch screen technology. The size of the display screen on LG E960 is 4.7 inches, which is quite a cutthroat for a few of the high-end Handsetsalready in the bazaar.

The technology used for the touch screen is the latest True HD IPS Plus capacitive technology. A mixture of the astonishing screen size and this latest technology make Nexus 4 an ideal cell handset
The camera of the LG E960 cell phone is a high megapixels camera: 8 MP. You can capture images showing their minor details with this 8 MP camera and its high resolution of 3264 x 2448 pixels.

The clarity of the images is very much enhanced due to this high resolution of its camera.
You might find the following features in different other smarthandsets as well. There isn’t anything truly remarkable about these features. However, they are still the positive factors, which make this handset worth your money.

Nexus 4 is an Android supported handset powered by Jelly Bean (v4.2).
The touch screen of LG E960 provides you with an ultimate multi-touch experience. This lets you operate your smarthandset in a number of ways by using different forms of touch.
The color exhibit of the is up to the mark as it is a 16M colors display, allowing for all the best video colors on the handset.

Every handset comes with a set of factors which make it fail to come up to your potential. However, you can still live with them! It is not a great deal and, certainly, not a reason for you to give up on E960.
The Android operating system is not upgradable to a latest version.

The resolution of the display is comparatively low. It is a 768 x 1280 pixels resolution.
There is only one feature that certainly works as a deal breaker for the handset. with all the features there is one thing that you need the mainly to make you handset feel yours and that is loads of storage space. LG Nexus 4 has an internal memory of 8 GB/ 16 GB. But it does not have a memory card slot for adding more memory.


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