Samsung Google Nexus 10

One of the most superb tablets created by Samsung is the latest tablet called the Samsung Google Nexus 10. It is the result of an amazing partnership between Google and Samsung in their efforts to make this wonder for the world. Both of these companies have utilized their strengths and have tried to recover from their weaknesses in order to produce a tablet that they expect to be ranked as numero uno in the world.

The primary thing any one notices is the design of a handset or a tab. With respect to its design, Nexus 10 has one of the leading positions in the market between the other tablets available. The second thing, which is noticed by anybody, is the quality of the display. As far as the display is concerned, this tablet wins again as it has a sharp display with 16 M colors and an impressive resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels. So, you can enjoy a great experience using this model of Nexus tablet as its wonderful display will not let you take your eyes rancid of it.
Samsung Google Nexus 10 tablet is supported by the Android operating method which does not come as a surprise as it is a Google tablet. However, it fails to provide a large number of apps like mainly other tablets, which are supported by the Android operating system. This makes this gadget stand at the trailing end since it begins to pale in comparison to the other tablets when we start counting its tablet apps. In exacting the strongest competitor of Samsung Google Nexus 10 in the market is the Apple Ipad, which provides over 2 million apps to its users!

On the other side, as far as the camera is concerned, you will find yourself to be quite satisfied with the camera provided by Nexus 10. You will enjoy taking your pictures with its 5 megapixels camera, which has a great resolution and provides a number of other features, such as touch center, autofocus, face detection, LED flash and Geo-tagging. It is obvious that you will love the camera of Samsung Google Nexus 10 due to all of these great features. Moreover, Samsung Google Nexus 10 tablet also has a secondary camera with 1.9 megapixels.
The main function of this Google – Samsung Nexus include the Google Wallet, YouTube, Google Search, Maps, Google Talk, Picassa integration and much extra, which are all always a part of Android running devices.
The downsides of this Nexus are equally there, starting off from not having a memory extension slot. This is also the major issue in iPads, which makes the entire deal sense bland and flavorless. Another major setback is the unavailability of connectivity options other than Wi-Fi. This means with Nexus 10 in your control, you are stuck with much less connectivity features.


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