Nokia Lumia 822

One more superb addition to the Nokia Lumia series of  handset is the Nokia Lumia 822. Carrying out an study of its features, you will find out how Nokia is progressing steadily towards more and more better versions of handsets providing the advanced technology. Nokia Lumia 822 provides a combination of all the latest features. Nokia truly gives you a reason for moving on from your previous handset to this one.

Why would you shift from one touch screen handset to another like touch screen handset? Why would you change your  handset having a 5 Megapixel camera with another handset with the same quality of camera? However, you would certainly be interested if a latest handset in the market provides you with a better technology for the touch screen and similarly a better quality for the camera. Same is the case with Nokia Lumia 822 as it provides you with an improved excellence of almost every solo feature which its predecessors provided you with.
Gone are the days when TFT capacitive touch screen handset were considered as the best cell handset On the other hand, the TFT resistive touch screen handset are completely out of the race as the age of AMOLED capacitive touch screens has now begun! Nokia Lumia 822 provides us with this latest touch screen technology. AMOLED screens are also used in television sets. Along with this, the Nokia Lumia 822 cell handset has a 16M color display. The resolution, however, is not as good as one would expect from such a wonderful handset. It is merely 480 x 800 pixels. Nokia Lumia 822 would have been much more impressive if it could have offered a better resolution. But, its screen size will not fail to amaze all the people around the world. It is 4.3 inches. Furthermore, it has a multitouch screen which is an thrilling feature for all the users.

Nokia Lumia 822 provides all the means of connectivity which its participants provide, such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB and GPRS. Its camera, on the hand, wins the race by being more superior than most of its competitors. Preserve your precious memories with an 8 megapixels camera with a dual LED flash which gives you the best quality pictures. Moreover, the Cark Zeiss Tessar Lens is a special feature of this camera by Nokia Lumia 822 which isn’t establish in the other cell handsets.

With a Nokia Lumia 822 cell phone will let you save as much data as you want to in the handset. Now you do not have to limit your downloads, delete your messages for freeing up space, or limit the number of images that you take with the 16 GB memory along with a memory card slot for up to 64 GB memory.


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