Nokia Lumia 920

 Nokia is trying to clutch significant place through Nokia Lumia 920. It seems that iPhone 5 will soon be at lower end as it has disappointed many Apple lovers and it also failed to give a burly threat to Galaxy SIII but Lumia 920 is standing tall and capable enough to challenge the market leader nowadays, Samsung Galaxy SIII. Its design is ravishing; it is influential and stylish and has brought bundle of features under the cap. Just consider the review to see the aspects which may be threats to other smart handsets of market.
Nokia Lumia 920 has been given a thicker body than Galaxy SIII and its limits are round enough to give more good-looking looks. The bodily aspects of both the gadgets can never be rebuked in any feature apart from the plastic body of Lumia 920, which is not a preferred choice for everyone. iPhone 5 is also the winner in this aspect as you find the most quality unibody statement with it. The screen resolutions are incomparable among three as Nokia’s sword has a little benefit over two. The new protection version of Corning Gorilla Glass has been placed on touch screen to make them scratch free because these kinds of mobiles are intensely used by the owners. The screen sizes of all three industry giants are large enough to enjoy HD videos and games that require spiky graphical resolutions. At the end, Lumia 920 does take a guide for being designed for the potential.

Nokia Lumia 920 comes with the top camera ever and image results are even better than 41MP camera of Nokia 808 Pureview that was launched earlier this year. Although it possess 8MP camera consisting of all the significant features like image stabilization, geo tagging, face and grin detection, touch focus and LED flash. The front cameras is 1.3MP for Nokia Lumia 920. There seems to pay no comments as the information are clearly indicating the victor.

Discussion about the processors, SG SIII has lifted the cup as it has a quad-core 1.4 GHz processor while 920 sticks with the speeds of Dual-core processors. That does not mean that speeds of Lumia 920 is compromised, it also has the finest workers of applications and programs. The recollection side of Nokia Lumia 920 has been restricted to 32 GB only but SIII and iPhone 5 range up to 64 GB and even SIII supports an outside memory card up to 64 GB. These were a few of the ups and downs of three contestants regarding cameras, processors and storage ability.

Samsung SIII’s operating scheme is now upgradable to 4.1 jelly bean while the Nokia Lumia is using the final side of Windows OS to date. Apple has also delivered iOS 6 in iPhone 5 which has lots of applications and attractions. Now the question is which one is better. Nokia Lumia’s OS has minimum amount of applications when compared to that of SIII. If you are addicted using Instagram and other popular apps, the SIII is the ideal deliberation.

Nokia Lumia 920 possesses the feature of voice support. iPhone’s SIRI and Google’s Voice Actions can be tagged as equal rivals but if you test Samsung’s S Voice, it will resist hard to amaze you. SIRI may be declared as the king amid three.


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